What is Faller & Fail to Finish Insurance

jockey and horse fall during a race
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In a bid to try and stand out from the crowd as being a company to offer something a little different, and extra, to customers, we have seen a variety of promotions and consolation offers created. When it comes to horse racing, the faller insurance or fail to finish insurance has been one specifically created with national hunt racing in mind.

When betting, we all want a run for our money, and if you don’t quite get that, it is this kind of promotion that could potentially be what gives you your money back. Like any promotion, you will find terms and conditions that you will have to adhere to if you want to receive the promotion, but if you do that, it’s a good way to add a little extra insurance to the bets you place.

What is Faller Insurance?

fallers insurance

The faller insurance offer is one that we’ve seen added by some bookmakers to enhance their horse racing service. The offer is for national hunt racing, where falls can happen. With this offer, you have money back insurance on your bet if your horse is a faller in the race, unseats the rider or is brought down. Should this happen, you will receive your stake back, though there are conditions to this, which we will talk about more further down the page, including how much stake you receive back and if it’s cash or a free bet.

It is important to note the name of this type of insurance, compared to the fail to finish insurance. Check out your bookmaker rules, but the faller insurance is usually just for those who fall, if a horse is pulled up and fails to finish, that won’t count as being eligible for the promotion.

What is Fail to Finish Insurance?

fail to finish insurance example
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Fail to finish insurance is similar in many ways to the faller insurance, but it often covers a little more. Rather than money back if your horse falls, you get money back if your horse fails to finish. This could be because the horse has been pulled up, which does happen from time to time in longer distance races.

Assuming that the other elements of the offers are the same, such as how you receive money back and how much you get back, then this is the offer to choose from the pair, as it is the one that offers you slightly more coverage in terms of what has to happen for you to receive your money back.

How to Use Faller & Fail to Finish Insurance

question marks overlapping on different coloured post it notesIf you would like to get involved with this kind of offer, then you don’t need to do anything specific to make yourself eligible. Simply go with a bookmaker that has the offer available, and place an eligible bet, which must cover the various terms that your bookmaker has in place.

After this, watch your horse run and cheer them on to victory. However, if that doesn’t happen, and it is because your horse has fallen or failed to finish, then look out for the money back insurance offer kicking in. This will return your funds from that bet, giving you another attempt at finding a winner.

As a consolation and insurance-type offer, this isn’t about additional winnings or bigger odds, simply about getting your funds back when something happens, either as cash or as a free bet to try again.

Terms and Conditions to Look for with Faller Insurance

rules and regulationsThe terms and conditions around this offer are key to understanding. What makes things slightly more confusing is that the landscape may change from time to time, especially around big racing festivals. For example, an offer may not be available throughout the year but then does become available for the Cheltenham Festival. Or an offer may be money back as a free bet for the year but money back as cash on selected big races when they happen.

For this reason, it is even more important for this offer than others to thoroughly read the terms and conditions with your bookmaker and understand what you need to do and what you will get.

Here are some of the terms and conditions to look out for.

  • Money back as cash or money back as a free bet
  • Faller insurance or fail to finish insurance
  • Singles only or all bets covered
  • Full EW bets covered, or win part only of each way bets
  • All races or selected races/meetings each day
  • What is the maximum stake received back

These are the main variables that you will find between different bookmakers with this offer. Of course, with the differences between them, it may be down to you to see what you value the most and which bookmaker offers the best deal for you personally, something you will have to think about when taking this offer.