What are Enhanced Odds

increase your odds raffle ticketsEnhanced odds are when your bookmaker artificially enhances a particular team or selection to win a game. These are always done to catch the eye and stand out, so more often than not, the enhanced odds you see will be very good offers.

The biggest enhanced odds offers will usually be reserved for new customers, special, big prices, designed to catch the eye and draw people in. But more bookmakers are also offering existing customer enhancements, which is great to see, and a way that people can still get involved with these after opening accounts.

But given the strength of these offers, they do come with terms and conditions attached to them, both those for new customers and the existing customer offers. Therefore, it is important to understand how they work, the terms to look out for, and make sure you are ahead of what you will receive if you manage to land a winner.

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Enhanced Odds

price boost exampleThe simple answer here is that bookmakers are looking to stand out from the crowd in a very competitive market, and they do that by going above and beyond on certain occasions in a bid to look good.

They want to first and foremost attract new signups, so this is why the new customer enhanced odds offers are always the biggest on offer. But they also want to keep their existing customers happy because they know the market is full of temptation from other brands, and that could see their customers leave.

This is why existing customer-enhanced odds offers have become more commonly seen within the industry. These are smaller but often focused around big events, so when customers are more likely to bet, they see there are enhancements on offer from their current bookmaker.

Like with all other enhancements, promotions and concessions, bookmakers want to be seen to offer an above-average service, and by standing out from the crowd on selected events, they hope to do that.

Enhanced Odds for New and Existing Customers

boostA shift in the industry has led to us seeing enhanced odds offers for both new and existing customers. The biggest offers are always reserved for new customers, these will be the eye-catching, seemingly too-good-to-be-true offers that you see advertised. It should be noted that, more often than not, the rule is that the better the deal looks, the more terms and conditions are attached, which we will get onto shortly.

Enhanced odds for existing customers are usually both smaller in size and less frequent in availability. Of course, some bookmakers do not offer these at all, so you may never see any, depending on who you bet with.

However, for those that do, you will see slight increases around big events and usually around specific markets. For example, a player to score first being enhanced is a popular choice, as are various winners on outright markets for big events. Sometimes we see other things, such as shots or goals enhanced too, if bookmakers are trying to appeal to everyone betting on the game, not just those on one side.

If you are looking for enhanced odds offers, then the best way to find these is to compare services and look around when big games are taking place. You should be able to see both new and existing customer offers available then, and if you can find a bookmaker offering both a big deal for new players plus further enhancements for existing customers, then that would be an excellent place to bet if you want these offers regularly.

Key Terms and Conditions for Enhanced Odds Promotions

rules and regulationsAs mentioned, one of the things you do need to be aware of when taking advantage of enhanced odds promotions is the various terms and conditions that are attached to the offer. For big, new customer enhancements, there are many terms and conditions attached, and generally, the smaller the offer, the few terms you need to adhere to.

Before we dive into these a little deeper, here is the list of terms to look out for:

  • New or existing customer offer
  • Maximum stake
  • Payout in cash or free bets
  • Time limit
  • Maximum offers you can claim
  • Restrictions on deposit methods for new customer offers

First of all, the offers will either be for new customers or existing customers, so you need to check this out. As said before, the big, eye-catching offers are generally for new customers only, so if you see something huge and already have an account with that bookmaker, the chances are you won’t be able to take advantage.

It’s also important to find out the maximum stake, and this is important for both new and existing customer offers. Generally, stakes are limited on all of these bets, but the bigger the enhanced price, the smaller the stake allowed usually. For example, you could get a great new customer offer where you receive 50/1 on a team to win a game, which is excellent value, but the maximum stake on that bet is limited to £1. This means the maximum bonus you could win here is £50, with those odds and that maximum stake.

The payout you receive is also important to note. With new customer offers, this is usually paid out in free bets, while smaller, existing customer offers are likely to be free bets but could be paid out in cash. If you are opening a new account, this doesn’t matter as much, as you’ll be placing more bets so you can use the free bets you receive, however, for existing customer offers, try and find those that pay in cash for more flexibility with your funds.

Before placing your bets, look out for the time limit on the offer, for example, check to see if the offer expires at any point before the game kicks off. Also, look out for the maximum number of offers you can claim, if there is a maximum, just to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

The last check is for new customer offers only, and this is based on the deposit methods that are accepted. Before you make a deposit, check to see if there are any exclusions and if they include the way you want to use so that you don’t deposit and then find out you are not eligible.

This covers the main terms and conditions that you are likely to find around enhanced odds offers, though, of course, there could be more, and for that reason, it is important to read the offer properly before you start betting.